Friday, July 14, 2017

And the winner is......

Congratulations to the Wolfpack!  Wow, what a finish, what a season.  I think it is safe to call the 2017 7/8 Carrollton Baseball season a success.  We saw lots of smiles along with fun and competitive baseball, culminating in an amazing two games last night.  The Wolfpack and Hurricanes put on a show last night with the Wolfpack battling back in both to come away with the championship.  There are so many people to thank, Jeremy, Alan, Sod Squad, concessions, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, the volunteer coaches, and most of all the 7/8 athletes.  They put on quite a show, improved dramatically, and we couldn’t be any more proud of them.  Thank you to everyone for being a part of a special summer at Carrollton.  See you next year!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7/8 Double Elimination Playoff Format

2017 Carrollton Boosters
7/8 Double Elimination Playoff Format

THE PLAYOFFS:   Double elimination format is as follows:

                                            Game 1   Emojis v Dingoes (Fri. 7/7, 5:30, D)
ROUND 1                    Game 2   Zephyrs v Hurricanes (Fri. 7/7, 7:00, D)

Friday 7/7                   Game 3   Wolfpack v Greyhounds (Fri. 7/7, 8:30, D)


                            Game 4   L2 v L3 (loser of game 2 v loser of game 3) (Mon. 7/10, 5:30, D)

ROUND 2                Game 5   W2 v L1 (Mon. 7/10, 7:00, D)
Monday 7/10         Game 6   W1 v W3 (Mon. 7/10, 8:30, D)


If Game 5 is won by W2:                                                   if Game 5 is won by L1:

Game 7   W5 v W6                 ROUND  3             Game 7   L5 v L6  (Tues. 7/11, 5:30, D)
Game 8   W4 v L6                                                  Game 8   W4 v W5 (Tues. 7/11, 7:00, D)


Game 9   W8 v L7                    ROUND  4                 Game 9   W7 v W6     (Wed. 7/12, 5:30, D)                 


                                                      ROUND 5            
                                            If Game 9 is won by W7      If Game 9 is won by W6:
Game 10   W7 v W9         Game 10   W8 v L9      Game 10   W8 v W9   (Thu. 7/13, 5:30, D)


Game 11   W10 v L10              Game 11   W10 v W9    Game 11   W10 v L10     (7/13, 7:00, D)
        if necessary                                                     (if necessary)

Extra innings will be played as necessary if game is tied.

All regular season rules apply.

In the double elimination games, the highest seeded team is home team in the first round; thereafter, the highest seed that is undefeated. Once a team has a loss, it loses its seed. When there is no undefeated team in the match up home is determined by coin flip.